What Are the Kathy Reichs "Bones" Books Listed in Chronological Order?

Kathy Reichs started writing her bones series of books in 1997 with "Deja Dead." Since then, she has published 21 books in the series, and landed a spinoff television series based on her books, "Bones."

Starting in 1997, Kathy Reichs published "Deja Dead," through Scribner, and because of "Deja Dead," Kathy Reichs became a New York Times Best Seller. The book follows main character, Terrance Brennan as she investigates crimes. "Death Du Jour," the second book was published in 1999. Her third book, "Deadly Decisions" was published in 2000, while "Fatal Voyage" followed in 2001. In 2002, "Grave Secrets" became the fifth book in the series, and in 2003 "Bare Bones," became the sixth. 2005 saw a new wave in books, "Monday Mourning," "Cross Bones," and short story installment in "I'd Kill for That." 2006 only saw, "Break No Bones" published. The next year, 2007 "Bones to Ashes" was published and 2008 continued the stories of Temperance Brennan with "Devil Bones." 2009, she published "206 Bones."

For a couple years there was a short break with Kathy Reichs in writing, but in 2011, Temperance Brennan returned, only with a twist. Simon and Schuster picked up the book series and 2011 "Spider Bones" and "Flash and Bones". "Bones are Forever" came next. In 2013, Kathy Reichs returned to Scribner and published "Bones of the Lost" and "Bones in her Pocket." in 2014, Random house published both "Bones Never Lie" and "Swamp Bones," and that was (for now) the last book published in the series. To read them, Start with Deja Dead and work your way through the list.