What Does Kathy Lee Gifford Use to Tone Her Legs?

Kathy Lee Gifford uses modified interval training to tone her leg muscles. Her “Fit and Fabulous” workout, released in 1994, describes the routine as a series of body-sculpting exercises that tone the legs, buttocks, hips, thighs and arms in combination with low-impact aerobics. It consists of low-impact moves, squats, lunges, some weight-lifting elements and a stretch and cool down routine.

The program also includes abdominal toning and is suitable for both beginners and intermediate exercisers. The program promises to burn calories while increasing energy and muscle tone.

Reviewers of Kathy Lee Gifford’s “Fit and Fabulous’ workout on Amazon.com are mostly positive. Of the 17 reviews posted, 88 percent give the routine a 5-star rating, as of 2015. Some note that this routine is simple enough to be memorized and easily done to music. Others claim that this routine is fast-working and especially good for legs and abdominal muscles.

VideoFitness.com reviews Kathy Lee Gifford’s routine as a great full-body workout, with progressively harder aerobic sections alternating with toning segments. The review notes that there is a lot of attention given in this routine to correct form and safety. The target audience, according to VideoFitness.com, is women in their 30’s or 40’s who are new or returning to exercise. When Kathy Lee Gifford originally taped the routine, she was 46 years old.