What Is K9 Web Protection?

K9 Web Protection an Internet filtering software that includes parental controls, options to block content inappropriate for younger users, protection against malware and security solutions for networked computers in organization such as schools or churches. The software features anti-tampering solutions that prevent children from bypassing parental controls, and it provides regular reports that enable users to monitor Internet activity.

K9 Web Protection lets users block websites that feature content related to drugs, violence, gambling and racism, among 70 other categories. It features an option to impose the SafeSearch functionality on all popular search engines and set time restrictions that govern access to specific websites during specified time periods. Users can configure lists that determine which websites end up blocked and use passwords to bypass the block if necessary.

As of 2015, the software is compatible with computers running on Windows and OS X operating systems. For parental controls, it includes an option to customize the filters or use a preset level of filtering based on the specified age of the children. For real-time malware protection, it uses web content ratings from more than 62 million users per day to identify and block sources of malicious content. The software is also capable of automatically determining the category of a newly created web page based on the content it hosts, allowing it to block the page if it falls under the selected filtering parameters.