What Are the Job Duties of a Physician's Assistant?

What Are the Job Duties of a Physician's Assistant?

Job duties of physician's assistants include examining patients, diagnosing injuries and providing treatment. Daily responsibilities include reviewing medical histories, prescribing medicine, educating patients about treatment, counseling families and conducting physical exams to observe patient health. In some cases, physician's assistants visit nursing homes and make house calls to treat patients.

Physician's assistants are also called PAs, and these health care professionals practice medicine under the supervision of a surgeon or physician. On a daily basis, a PA may be required to order and observe diagnostic tests, such as urine samples, x-rays and blood tests. Physician's assistants provide diagnoses for various illnesses and offer treatment to patients, such as immunizations and the setting of broken bones.

PAs must also record the progress of patients and research current treatments. Physician's assistants must guarantee the patient receives the highest quality of care. In some instances, the PA must facilitate or participate in outreach programs to speak with groups about ways to promote wellness and manage disease.

The role of the physician's assistant can vary, and depends on the needs of the supervising physician. These professionals work in all areas of medicine, including primary care, emergency medicine, family medicine and psychiatry. Physician's assistants also provide various forms of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services as required by the supervising physician.

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