What Items Should You Include in a Care Package for a Prisoner?

Some items to send in a care package that can improve the quality of life for prisoners include commissary money, personal correspondence, books, magazines and newspapers, as described by The Huffington Post. Another option is to order through an online service, as many prisons contract with certain providers so that loved ones can send packages through an approved service, according to The Law Dictionary. Due to strict regulations, it's important to check with prison management prior to sending anything.

Uniformity and dehumanization are two of the biggest challenges prison inmates experience, and this often leads to a sense of losing one's self. Family and friends can help combat this, The Huffington Post states, by sending photos, letters, cards and notes to a prisoner. Doing so helps the incarcerated person feel connected to the outside world and to their own sense of identity.

Given the low pay of prison jobs, many inmates appreciate receiving commissary money to spend at the prison store, reports The Huffington Post. This can be done through JPay.com. Books and magazines are greatly appreciated and also help prisoners pass time. These can be sent through a care package provider and through Amazon.com.

TheHappyPrisoner.org lists several options for sending care packages with online services, including KonMart.com, Psalm 146:7 Prison Ministry and through an individual state's department of corrections and rehabilitation. Packages include items such as deodorant, underwear, candy, art supplies and guitar picks.