What Items Can You Make With Recycled Barn Boards?

Make cabinets, flooring, wood wall tiles or a pergola from recycled barn boards. They can also be upcycled and re-sawn into wooden beams, a kitchen table or a coffee table.

Give old barn boards a new life by forming them into new cabinets to give a kitchen a rustic, country look. Form any extra barn boards into another kitchen necessity. A table can be formed by several boards or a large slab attached to a metal base for a unique addition to the room or made into a butcher's block and fitted with wheels for convenience.

Barn boards can be upcycled into basic parts of a house as flooring, ceiling beams and wall tiles. To make the floor, cut the boards to fit, sand them down, and add finishing products to seal it against liquids. Plane the boards, and mount them on the ceiling for a warm, raw-beam look. Cut them in 4-inch squares, and attach them around a shower or sink for a backsplash, or use long strips for a paneled wall look.

Use old barn beams to form the basis of a pergola or to build a rustic, divider wall between two rooms. They can also be made into floating shelves, a coat rack or a reclaimed coffee table.