How Do You Get Insurance Quotes for a Motor Home?

Get insurance quotes for a motor home through an insurance agent or by contacting brokers from insurance companies that offer both standard and commercial automobile coverage. Contact specialty firms that focus on commercial insurance for trucks and RVs. Many times, these firms offer more comprehensive policies to meet the needs of a motor home owner than most large insurance companies.

Find an independent insurance agent association for your state. When you contact the association, indicate that you are interested in automobile insurance for a motor home so that you speak to an agent who deals in that type of insurance. Have your motor home's mileage, VIN number, make, model and year on hand as well as any accident or citation information. Discuss your coverage needs with the agent to receive comprehensive quotes.

Contact a broker from each insurance company with which you are interested in doing business. Many insurance companies have online applications, but complete insurance quotes for motor homes are typically only available by phone or in person. Describe to the brokers how you use the vehicle and how many people drive it. Relay the vehicle information, as well. Compare quotes and coverage from the various companies to choose the best policy.