What Insurance Policies Do Health and Fitness Clubs Need?


Health and fitness clubs need gym insurance policies to protect themselves against liability claims made by members and trainers injured by the equipment or products maintained or supplied by the clubs. A typical gym insurance policy covers general liability, property and equipment damage, and workers compensation, claims Trusted Choice.

A gym insurance policy combines aspects of other insurance policies to cover club members, trainers and equipment. Most policies cover property damage that may result from fire and vandalism, as well as bodily injury that may result from faulty equipment or errors and omissions by trainers and other staff. A typical gym insurance policy also includes product liability to protect a club from risks related to selling nutritional products. The policy also covers wages that club workers may lose due to injury, states Trusted Choice.

Health and fitness clubs also need accidental medical coverage for participants injured in sponsored events and spectator liability coverage for spectators who are injured or lose property in such events. These clubs may also need supplemental liability insurance if they offer extreme sports and beauty services or products. Health and fitness clubs also need an umbrella liability insurance policy to protect themselves from catastrophic events that may lead to class action lawsuits, notes Trusted Choice.

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