What Insurance Companies Offer Home Insurance Discounts for Teachers?


Horace Mann provides additional property coverage for educators in addition to its regular homeowner's insurance policy, free of charge, reports the insurer's website. Meemic provides benefits with its homeowner's insurance policy that are complimentary and exclusively available for teachers, reports the company's website. Educators who are members of certain professional organizations, such as Christian Educators Association International or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, are eligible for insurance policy discounts with Geico, explains the insurer's website.

With Horace Mann's Homeowner Educator Advantage program, teachers receive additional complimentary coverage in addition to a homeowner's insurance policy. This complimentary endorsement covers money or items for school-sponsored events that are stolen while under an educator's care, notes Horace Mann. There is no deductible if a policyholder's personal items are stolen while being used for educational purposes outside of the policyholder's residence. In addition, a policyholder is reimbursed for the cost of replacing keys or rekeying locks in the event his home or vehicle keys are stolen.

Meemic provides complimentary educator benefits with a homeowner's insurance policy. These benefits include replacement costs on contents, teacher and school administrator liability coverage, and coverage of up to $250 for the loss of refrigerated items due to a power or mechanical failure, explains Meemic. The insurer also provides up to $2500 in coverage for computers that were loaned to the policyholder by the employer for home use.

In addition to discounts, Geico offers additional benefits such as immediate coverage and 24-hour customer service to policyholders that are members of select professional organizations. Policyholders also receive convenient payment plans and customized insurance products, reports Geico.

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