What Are Instructions for Crocheting a Prayer Shawl?


To make a prayer shawl, pick three skeins of a thick, soft yarn, grab a size "N" hook, some yarn needles and a pair of scissors. Start with a chain of 52 stitches, then on the second chain from the hook, begin a half double chain for every chain left.

Once you have reached the end of the half double chain, chain one and turn to begin the second row. Starting on the second chain from the hook, place one half double stitch per half double stitch from the row before. At the end of the row, chain one and turn. Repeat these rows until all three skeins are used, with the exception of the yarn you will set aside for fringe if you want fringe on the ends of the shawl. Sew in the ends before adding the fringe.

To make the fringe, wrap yarn around an empty toilet paper roll. On one side of the roll, cut the yarn along the edge. Use two pieces of yarn for each space on the first and last row of the shawl, or about 102 pieces of yarn. Tie the fringe into the spaces of the chains. You can make the fringe longer or shorter, but you will need to adjust how much yarn you use for the shawl. Finally, pray over the shawl, or send it to the person it was made for to use during prayer time.