How Do You Install Emoji Symbols on an IPhone?

Installing the emoji symbols onto the keyboard of an iPhone, iPad or other iPod Touch product involves adding the keyboard from the settings in the device. Once the emoji symbols are installed, they can be used anytime the virtual keyboard is visible.

The emoji keyboard offers hundreds of symbols that can be used during texting, sending e-mails and through social media posting.

  1. Open settings
  2. Open the settings on the device on which the emoji keyboard is desired. Under the settings option, select General and then Keyboard.
  3. Add new keyboard
  4. Click the 'Add New Keyboard' icon. The options pop up in an alphabetical order, offering a variety of different keyboard options. Select emoji on the list before closing settings. 
  5. Locate and use the emoji keyboard
  6. Anytime the virtual keyboard is visible, the emoji icon will be present. The icon is a globe, which indicates that an international keyboard is available for use. Click the globe located next to the space bar to enable the emoji keyboard. Once clicked, a selection of hundreds of emoticons will be displayed. The tabs underneath the icon help to categorize the images for users to find what they need more easily. The tabs include a clock, an icon face, a flower, a bell, a car and symbols.