How Do You Install a Bluetooth on a Computer?

To install Bluetooth, you require a Bluetooth adapter and a computer that is Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth is a method by which people are able to communicate and send information over wireless connection.

In case the computer is not Bluetooth enabled, connect the Bluetooth adapter to the computer port and wait for the drivers to install. When the Bluetooth has been connected, it appears as an added device on the computer’s control panel, as a B that is blue in color. For the Bluetooth to appear, it has to activate by setting it in discoverable mode.

To find another Bluetooth device that is within range to your computer, you have to search for the device. The new Bluetooth device appears on the discovered devices if it is set in discoverable mode. There is a prompt triggered on both devices asking to allow the other to connect. This prompt can appear as a passkey or just a prompt where you answer yes or no.

It is important to note that different companies manufacture different Bluetooth devices; therefore, they may not be compatible with your computer. For example, a Microsoft computer does not recognize Bluetooth from a Mac computer, so there can be no communication.