Are Infrared Heaters More Energy Efficient Than Other Types of Heaters?


Infrared heaters are more efficient than conventional heaters at warming objects but less efficient at warming a room. Compared to space heaters, infrared heaters may be more comfortable since they don't dehumidify the air.

Almost all heating systems are designed to heat the air directly or through radiators. As a result, they provide whole-room or whole-home comfort. For areas that get especially cold during the winter, traditional options are often the only viable choices. Their operation is also well understood; expert advice and calculations can help homeowners reach and maintain their desired heating level.

Infrared heaters, on the other hand, do not warm air directly. Infrared light generated by the unit strikes objects, including people, and produces heat. Some of this heat radiates into the air, but the overall heating process is far less efficient than traditional units and even inefficient space heaters. Those looking for spot heating in a small area, however, may find infrared heaters to be a viable option.

In general, infrared heaters are only recommended for people with specific requirements. Those working in a garage that's not insulated, for example, may find space heaters to provide comfort without using much energy. In most use cases, however, infrared heaters and insufficient at producing enough heat and are too expensive to run.

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