What Is Included in a Tillotson Carburetor Rebuild Kit?

A Tillotson carburetor rebuild kit includes gaskets, a diaphragm welch plug and a screen needle. An inlet lever is also included in the carburetor rebuild kit. They do not typically include high and low jet needles, as these parts infrequently fail or require replacement, but if needed, they can be ordered from Tillotson.

Tillotson carburetor rebuild kits are used to repair many types of chainsaw carburetors from various manufacturers, including Jonsered, Stihl, John Deere, Dolmar and Echo. Lombard, Makita, Husqvarna, Pioneer and Homelite brands are also easy to rebuild with the Tillotson kit, as well as Partner, Olympic, Poulan, Remington and Solo.

Tillotson carburetor rebuild kits are suited for rebuilding HS carburetors. To identify the type of carburetor, check the numbers stamped on it. HS and S both indicate carburetors appropriate for the Tillotson rebuild kit. The make and model of the carburetor is determined by the numbers stamped after the HS or S. Check the carburetor's compatibility consulting the Tillotson manual or using the information on Chainsawr's website.

Tillotson began manufacturing automobile carburetors in Ohio in 1914. The company developed the diaphragm carburetor in the 1940s as a compliment to small engines meant for handheld devices. They produced carburetors for blowers, trimmers, chainsaws and brush cutters, and later began producing carburetors for racing and military operations.