What Is the Importance of Doing Homework?

Homework is important, as it helps students develop problem-solving and time management skills, and apply the material covered in the classroom to out-of-school activities. Ninety-eight percent of K-12 teachers believe that homework is beneficial to students, parents and educators, explains the University of Phoenix.

Teachers rely on homework to gauge how effectively students are absorbing the lesson plans and use it to cover more material in class. Subjects studied at home augment the material presented in school and accelerate the learning process.

On average, high school teachers assign 3.5 hours of homework a week, meaning if a student has five teachers, they receive almost 20 hours of extra-curricular work in addition to classroom instruction.

A study by Duke University determined that homework is beneficial to students if assigned in moderation depending on the level of student. A rule of thumb outlined the “10-minute” rule; adding 10-minutes of additional homework to a student’s workload for each grade passed. The information notes that the benefits level off after 2 hours of work assigned a night.

Another study by the University of Phoenix cites that homework benefits and involves parents when they help their children with assignments by giving them an awareness of what is being taught in class.