What Are Ideas for Simple Science Fair Projects?


Some ideas for a simple science project include an Alka-Seltzer film canister rocket, color-changing milk, a helmet crash test and a Mentos diet soda geyser, according to Parenting. Other ideas for basic science fair projects include a dry ice rocket bubble and a tea bag rocket, as detailed by Scholastic.

The miniature volcano project suggested by Scholastic uses the reaction between vinegar and baking soda to mimic a volcano. Another simple science project using this reaction is the CO2 sandwich, which creates a sandwich bomb inside a plastic bag. The tornado in a bottle science project uses a plastic bottle and liquid to create a whirlpool that demonstrates the movement of a tornado. A bottle can also be used to demonstrate the concept of condensation by creating a rain cloud in a bottle. Creating an apparatus which keeps eggs from shattering when dropped from a couple of feet is another basic science project suggested by Scholastic.

A science experiment analyzing the relationship between a magnet and breakfast cereal covers concepts involving both magnetism and nutrition, as described by Parenting. A taco sauce cleaner experiment allows students to compare the application of different ingredients in solutions used to clean pennies. The color-changing carnations experiment uses colored water to examine how a plant takes water in through its roots.

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