What Are Some Ideas to Give Your House Curb Appeal?


Some ideas to give a home instant curb appeal include painting the door, shutters, or trim; upgrading the mailbox; installing new house numbers; planting a tree; replacing exterior light fixtures and installing flower boxes. These ideas are very cost effective. As of 2014, exterior paint costs about $25 a gallon, so painting the door, shutters or trim should not cost more than $100.

Choose a bold color that makes the house stand out but still matches the rest of the house colors. A new mailbox is inexpensive and can be installed in approximately two hours. If house numbers are faded or old, they should be replaced with modern ones made from brass, stainless steel or aluminium. To maximize curb appeal, match the house numbers with the finish of exterior light fixtures currently in place. If replacing exterior light fixtures, make sure everything matches nicely. Exterior light fixtures should make a home safer and adequately light up the entryway. Fixtures can be found for $20 and up. A simple tree does a lot to add curb appeal. If there is enough space, two trees can be planted to frame the entryway or the entire house. Trees can be found starting at $25. Flower boxes can be added in windows or on front porch railings to add color and curb appeal relatively inexpensively.

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