What Are Some Ideas for Filling a Fundraising Raffle Basket?

One of the simplest ways to fill a fundraising gift basket is by theme; some popular themes for baskets include items for coffee, tea, chocolate, beach or book lovers. To arrange a basket for a coffee lover, line the basket with tissue paper and other filler in attractive colors. Stuff coffee mugs with chocolate-covered espresso beans, and display them in the basket along with bags of coffee beans and a gift card to a local cafe.

A beach-themed fundraising gift basket may include items such as sun block, sunglasses, a beach towel, a sun hat and a book. Choose tissue paper or shredded paper in cheerful, beach-themed colors, such as sea-green, blue and yellow. Roll up the beach towel neatly, and arrange the sunglasses, sun block and book so that all of the contents of the basket are visible. Wrap the final product in clear cellophane for an attractive finish; this also helps to keep the contents of the basket secure while allowing viewers to see what is inside.

A gourmet food basket may contain a selection of cheeses and biscuits, bottles of wine and decorative utensils. Related items, such as a picnic blanket and napkins, can help fill out a large basket. Consider using candy or mints as filler, and include gift certificates to local speciality food markets.

Fundraising baskets for children may be brightly decorated with colorful tissue paper and ribbons. Educational toys, such as modeling clay or blocks, make good additions to a child's basket. Consider including items marked with the school's name and mascot. Hats, pennants or scarves bearing the school brand can help make a meaningful fundraising gift.