How Do You Find Homes for Rent in Atlanta, Georgia?


It is possible to find homes for rent in Atlanta, Georgia, by visiting home search sites such as or, notes CBS. You can also use each site’s mobile software application for tablets and smartphones to search for rental homes in Atlanta.

Both websites have similar search features. When using Realtor or Zillow's website, type the name of the city and state into the website's search engine. Before clicking search, select the Rent tab from the drop-down box to ensure that you only get results for rental properties, according to the National Association for REALTORS. After pressing Search on either site, a variety of places for rent appear.

To help narrow the results, modify the search filter with your preferences by clicking the Filter tab, notes Zillow. In the search filter area, make sure you select only homes. Once completed, the search displays only homes that are for rent in the Atlanta area. Scroll through the list to identify homes that best meets your needs.

Consumers can also search by price, using filters such as Low to High or High to Low. Both sites give the option to narrow the results further by square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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