What Are Some Highly Rated Colleges in the United States?

Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford are some of the highest-ranked colleges in the United States. Of those five, only Stanford is not an Ivy League School, and all five are private. University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke, University of Pennsylvania and California Institute of Technology round out a list of 10 of the nation's top colleges.

Princeton, New Jersey, is home to Princeton University. Founded in 1746, this institution is the fourth-oldest college in the country. Highly regarded as both an undergraduate and a graduate school, Princeton strives to combine the best of both a liberal arts college and a research university.

Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the nation. Founded in 1636, it is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The College and 13 other schools, including schools of business, law, medicine, education and government, make up Harvard University.

New Haven, Connecticut, is home to Yale University. Twelve residential colleges within the university offer students the feel of a smaller school with the benefits of a large one. Founded in 1701, this institution

has a top-ranked law school and highly ranked Schools of Management, Art, Nursing and Medicine.

New York City is the setting of Columbia. Founded in 1754, Columbia has three undergraduate schools and more than 12 graduate and professional schools.

Stanford is located in the city of Stanford, California, about 30 miles from San Francisco. Founded in 1885, it is the youngest of the top five schools described. Seven schools make up the university, three of which are strictly graduate level.