How Do You Find Havanese Poodle Mix Dogs for Adoption?

How Do You Find Havanese Poodle Mix Dogs for Adoption?

Search for a Havanese/poodle mix breed dog through shelter and rescue organization directories, such as Adopt-A-Pet. This breed, also known as the Havepoo, is considered a designer dog breed and may be hard to find specifically identified as such for adoption. It may be easier to search for poodle mixes or Havanese mixes.

Use the following steps to find a Havanese/poodle mix available for adoption.

  1. Go to the search page
  2. Visit a pet adoption website. Look for the search form, which is usually on the homepage. Fill in the desired breed information, searching by Havepoo, Havanese/poodle mix or mixed breeds. To get more results, select a wide search area or even a nationwide search. Click on the Search button.

  3. Review the available dogs
  4. Scroll through the search results to see the Havepoo mixes available. Click on each listing to learn a little more about the dog, such as breed specifics, age, gender and where the dog is being sheltered. Each dog's page should also provide information on how to get in contact with the shelter or rescue organization about adopting the dog.

  5. Try other rescues
  6. If a dog is not available, try another rescue, such as the Poo-Mix Rescue website, to find listings of poodle mixes that are available through shelters nationwide. The site lists all types of breeds and may have some Havepoos listed. Just click on the Dogs Available tab and scroll down to All Dogs Available to go to a page with hundreds of poodle mixes.

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