Are Haier Dishwasher Reviews Online?


As of 2015, Haier dishwasher reviews are available online through many different websites, including They are also posted on,, and

In a 2010 review, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute gave the Haier DWL3525SBSS dishwasher an “A-“ rating. It was highly rated for its cleaning performance, affordability and energy efficiency. Reviewers also liked the intuitive controls and easy-to-load flatware basket. However, this Haier was louder than most other models tested and demonstrated poor drying performance. It was also given low marks for customer service.

In 2012, gave the Haier DWL2825SDSS 24-inch built-in stainless steel dishwasher a score of 5.1, which is better than 11 percent of the dishwashers tested and better than 50 percent of the dishwashers tested that cost less than $500. It was recommended to homeowners looking for a basic dishwasher at an affordable price.

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