How Do You Grow an Eggplant?

How Do You Grow an Eggplant?

To grow an eggplant, start the seeds indoors, transplant the seedlings to a sunny location, pinch off the terminal growing points, water and fertilize the plants, stake the plants and pinch off buds. You need containers with potting soil, a trowel, seeds, stakes, water and fertilizer.

  1. Start the seeds indoors

    Start the seeds indoors by planting them in soil-filled containers. Keep them well-watered, and prepare to transplant them outside once they reach 4 inches in height.

  2. Choose a good location

    Choose a good location in which to transplant the seedlings. They need sandy soil and full sun.

  3. Transplant the seedlings

    Transplant the seedlings to the chosen location. Give them plenty of room to grow by spacing them between 24 and 30 inches apart.

  4. Pinch off the terminal growing points

    Once the seedlings start to grow, pinch off the terminal growing points to encourage the plants to become bushier.

  5. Water the seedlings

    Water the seedlings well.

  6. Fertilize the plants

    Fertilize the plants every two weeks. Use a balanced fertilizer.

  7. Stake the plants

    Once the plants reach 24 inches tall, add stakes for support.

  8. Pinch off the buds

    Pinch off all buds or fruit on the plants except five or six to promote the growth of the remaining fruit.

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