How Do You Get a Graze Code?


To get a promo code for the website Graze, search online for promo codes on coupon sites and Graze's promotional pages. Redeem the promo code by entering it on Graze's website. Graze is a company that mails boxes of snacks to its customers.

  1. Search coupon sites

    Use a search engine to search the Internet for coupon sites that have promotion codes for the website Graze. A promotional code is a phrase, such as "Summerbox20," that allows the shopper to save money when buying something online. Graze promo codes usually offer a free box of snacks or free shipping. Some coupon-aggregating sites that have promotion codes for Graze include RetailMeNot,, Coupon Follow, My Subscription Addition, Little Voucher Book and Deal News.

  2. Search Graze's promotion pages

    Check Graze's promotional pages for coupon codes. The company has a Twitter account and a Facebook page where it posts promotional codes. It often posts coupon codes for various holidays and events.

  3. Redeem the promo code

    Redeem the promo code you found online by going to Graze's website and typing the promo code in when asked. Some of the codes listed online might be invalid or expired. If the code you input does not work, try another code.

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