What Are Some Good Ways to Find Free Graduation Clipart?

Ways to find graduation-themed clip art images include accessing the graduation category on websites such as Free-Clipart-Pictures.net, Classroom Clipart and Clker.com and saving the images directly or using the Download button after selecting the desired file format. Unlike the other two websites, Clker.com lets users rate the images and select one of the three preset dimension options before downloading them.

On Free-Clipart-Pictures.net, click on the Graduation Clipart link in the Categories section to access the images. To download an image, right-click on it, select the Save Image As option, type the name of the file, and click Save. To access the images on Classroom Clipart, click on the Clipart Gallery Index link, and then click on Graduation Clipart. Use the search field to find a specific clip art image, or browse the images one page at a time. Each image shows a brief description, the number of times other users opened it and the file size. To download an image, click on it, select the Free Download option, and click on the Download button.

On Clker.com, type “graduation” in the search field, and press Enter. Click on the desired image or the link below it, and click on one of the file size options next to the desired file format to open the image in a new tab. Download it by using the Save Image As option after right-clicking on the image.