What Are Some Good Ways That You Can Engage Customers?


Establishing an emotional connection with customers by welcoming new customers and following-up favorable customer reviews, questions and complaints with personalized messages from a team member is a good way to engage customers. Another option is creating an online community or forum to engage customers in conversations regarding the products and services of the host business and other related businesses. It is important to include a range of perspectives and content as opposed to self-promotion when using such platforms.

An article on keeping pets safe during the winter is appropriate for a pet store website or blog and an article regarding how to select and install ceiling fans on a hardware store website is helpful to customers without directly promoting a product. Community conversations also provide key information about customer concerns and preferences, which is useful for targeting promotional offers and providing customers with information regarding other services and businesses in their local communities. This attention to customers' needs and interests tends to build trust and solidify their relationships with a business.

Another good tip for engaging customers is coordinating and using e-mail, direct mail and website content to reach customers with the same message. Using multiple means of communication allows a business to connect with a broader range of customers and to reinforce its message. Using customer quotes on websites and posting valuable content on a regular basis are key to making online efforts a successful part of customer engagement.

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