What Is a Good Way to Compare Health Care Plans?


A good way to compare health care plans is to determine what benefits each plan covers, how much each plan costs, and which hospitals and doctors are included in each plan, according to Consumer Reports. It's also a good idea to look up the rankings of different health insurance plans.

Some of the basic items of coverage included on every health insurance plan include rehabilitation services, hospitalization, lab tests, prescription medication and mental health, notes Consumer Reports. To ensure that these and any preferred items are included on a specific health care plan, it's best to ask for a Summary of Benefits and Coverage form. If the plan is an older one, such as one established before the health care reform law of 2014, there's a chance it might not include some of the more common benefits.

When comparing the individual costs of plans, it's best to go by the metal tier, which includes bronze, silver, platinum and gold, according to Consumer Reports. Gold plans cover the most health care costs, but they also have the highest premiums and lowest out-of-pocket expenses. Bronze plans cover the least amount of health care costs, but they have the most expensive out-of-pocket costs along with the lowest premiums. Those who are in good health might be better served by bronze plans.

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