What Are Some Good Topics to Use When Creating Trivia Questions?

Topics related to song lyrics, fictional characters, movies, TV shows and celebrities are good to use when creating trivia questions. Science, history, vocabulary, animals and sports are also interesting topics.

Other ideas for creating trivia quizzes include current events, famous people, myths and popular quotes. After choosing a topic, the next step to create a trivia quiz is to personalize the topic according to the interests of the target audience. For instance, a quiz that targets older individuals may focus on movies and celebrities that were popular several decades ago, such as during the 1950s or 1960s.

A quiz for teenagers may include topics about pop culture. If the target audience involves people from the 90s, it's a good idea to create questions about popular music recordings during that period. Business owners who want to promote their companies or products can also take advantage of trivia quizzes by creating relevant questions. For example, a business offering camping tools can include questions about funny camping scenes.

To capture the interest of people and gain lots of participation, it is important to do enough research and add relevant photos and animated GIFs to each question. It is also essential to use credible online resources, such as IMDb, which is a trusted site for finding information about popular movies or actors.