What Are Good Skills to List on Your Resume?


Some of the best skills to list on a resume include communication, teamwork and prioritization, according to Forbes. These versatile skills are all in high demand among most employers, regardless of industry.

Communication with those both inside and outside of an organization is a highly-valued skill, and one that looks very appealing on a resume. Employers want assurance that employees are capable of communicating effectively with subordinates, superiors and other coworkers. Employees also need to be able to communicate with those outside of a company, such as customers or vendors. Good communication is also an effective motivator, helping other employees perform their jobs better.

The ability to work effectively in a team environment is another sought-after skill. The vast majority of jobs, regardless of their field, require employees to work alongside each other in order to complete many tasks. Employers want to know that employees are able to collaborate, share ideas and accept input from others.

Being able to prioritize tasks and focus on the most important issue at hand is vital for a fast-paced work environment. Employees who can’t determine which tasks take precedence over others are typically ineffective in a traditional work environment. Prioritization also means being able to effectively plan out work so that it is completed on time, in the most efficient manner possible.

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