What Are Some Good Short Haircut Styles for Black Hair?

What Are Some Good Short Haircut Styles for Black Hair?

Good short haircuts for black hair include the super short straight bob, spiked pixie, angled cut with side swept layers and medium voluminous tight curls. Various female African-American celebrities have made these hairstyles famous.

The super short straight bob is famously worn by singer Rihanna and is stylish, chic and edgy. Teasing the root of the hair and adding long side bangs adds volume to the hairstyle.

The spiked pixie hairstyle is worn by celebrity Nichole Ari Parker and complements her long face shape. The look is versatile and works well for both formal and informal settings. Tussling and teasing the hair helps to achieve the spikes for a sassy yet classy and elegant look.

The angled cut with side swept layers complements actress Taraji P. Henson’s feminine facial features. A stylish look, it is simple to style and works for any occasion. Adding side swept bangs to the angled short cut helps to achieve a delicate look.

Medium voluminous tight curls help to achieve a quirky yet trendy look as seen on celebrity Yaya DaCosta. The hairstyle is especially good for women who want to stand out, and it works for any occasion. The eye-catching hairstyle is also very feminine.