What Are Some Good Russian Foods?

Borschch, pirozhki, blini and pelmeni are popular Russian foods, according to About.com. Other classics of Russian cuisine include caviar, shashlyk and rye bread. Russian foods are often accompanied by sour cream, butter and mayonnaise.

Borschch is a thick Russian beet soup usually made with a meat base. This deep red soup also contains chopped vegetables and is thick enough to serve as a main-dish stew, although it is generally one component of a more elaborate meal. Borschch is usually served with sour cream.

Dumplings are extremely popular in Russia. Pirozhki are large folded dumplings stuffed with flavorful combinations of potatoes, cheese, vegetables and meat. Pelmeni, or Siberian dumplings, are meatballs wrapped in dough and served with butter or sour cream. The meatball filling is usually pork-based.

Blini are thin buckwheat pancakes served with a variety of fillings such as caviar, chocolate syrup, jam and cheese. Smoked salmon and creme fraiche are also common. Blini play such a central role in Russian cuisine that they have their own springtime festival, Maslenitsa. This pre-Lenten festival is the last opportunity for Russian Orthodox Christians to consume butter-laden blini until the end of the Lenten fasting period, which excludes all meat and dairy products. Thin slices of bread, particularly rye, are a common substitute for blini.