What Are Some Good Online Cooking Classes?

Cooking techniques, how to stir-fry and sous vide are some online cooking classes from reputable, popular online culinary schools. Classes run the gamut from quick video tutorials to longer, interactive experiences entailing live instruction.

Top Chef University, inspired by the reality show on Bravo, teaches techniques and recipes in 12 courses, with an instructional video library of roughly 200 videos. Professional chefs and former contestants from the show are instructors.

Classes include an introductory lesson on how to set up a home kitchen and classic French food preparation subjects, such as soups and stocks, roasting, braising, vegetables, pork and a special pasta class.

Rouxbe.com offers classes in the two main categories of plant-based or omnivorous cuisine. There are three levels of instruction for the home cook, the professional and classes for health and wellness. Video classes range from five minute-long refresher courses to month-long classes, such as knife skills, cooking chicken and poultry, grains and legumes, and the art of the wok.

ChefSteps.com is the online home for the Seattle restaurant of the same name and the free online cooking school founded by the owners, who also co-authored the bestselling "Modernist Cuisine." Students rate each class with stars, so website visitors can select one by rating. Espresso, burgers, barbecue and chewy candy are classes with ratings of four or more stars, as of 2015.