What Are Good Items to Include on a Camping Checklist?

What Are Good Items to Include on a Camping Checklist?

Items for a camping checklist include a tent, flashlights, a sleeping bag, fuel and food in the appropriate storage containers. The list should also have accessories for items that require them, such as a tent repair kit and extra batteries. Checklists vary depending on the type of camping.

Checklists can be divided into sections, such as cooking, clothing, gear and entertainment.

Shelter is necessary on a camping trip. Forms of shelter include a tent, a car or a recreational vehicle. A tent may also require tools to construct. If the camper wants to build a natural shelter, he should bring the appropriate tools, such as a hammer, a handsaw and twine.

Sleeping bags are typically used for bedding. An air mattress is another option for added comfort. A pump makes it easier to fill the mattress.

Food items that don't need to be refrigerated are the easiest to bring. Food that needs to be kept cold can be stored in a cooler. Animals are attracted to the smell of food, so it needs to be stored away from the shelter. Bottled water is necessary unless the camper plans to purify water. A portable grill or stove can cook food, or the camper can make a campfire with matches.