What Are Some Good Home Staging Tips for a First-Time Seller?

What Are Some Good Home Staging Tips for a First-Time Seller?

Good home staging tips for a first-time seller include decluttering, painting, updating bathrooms, tidying up the landscaping and depersonalizing the house. Nashville Property Search points out that the first impression a house for sale makes upon potential buyers is a lasting impression, so staging should focus on creating the best possible first impression.

Decluttering a house is key to preparing it for staging, according to ForSaleByOwner.com. Photos used to advertise the house should also match the appearance that potential buyers see when they visit, or they are likely to feel they are the victims of a bait-and-switch scheme. Decluttering also creates a sense of greater space.

Nashville Property Search explains that depersonalizing the house is important to let buyers visualize themselves in the home. If a house is filled with personal objects or photos, the buyer may pay more attention to those items and less to the house itself. Changing bedding and covering worn sofas and armchairs with simple slipcovers also help make a positive impression.

Updating the bathroom and cleaning it till it sparkles is a key element for first-time home sellers, according to HGTV. All surface mold must be cleaned away, and shower doors should be scrubbed with steel wool using a muriatic acid solution. Dated tile can be painted so it doesn't look tired. Painting the house all over is also crucial, focusing on doors and trim.

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