What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Older Women?


Good hairstyles for older women range from short, layered bobs to medium-length cuts with soft curls and even long haircuts with layers and bangs, suggests Good Housekeeping. Older women can successfully wear their hair in short, medium and longer styles. Fringes and face layers in all types of hair styles help mask the effects of aging skin, as do color and hair texture.

Bobs and shorter cuts are popular hairstyles among older women, as they make the hair appear thicker, fuller and healthier and can mask unflattering signs of aging. A bob haircut reaches to the neck or shoulders and has many layers of fringe around the face to create movement and a youthful look. Adding side-swept bangs rounds out a soft, lively haircut. Cuts with asymmetrical layers below the chin and longer cuts with loose curls around the face can reduce the appearance of sagging skin below the chin.

Another suggestion for finding the right haircut comes from authors at Hairfinder.com, which is to use highlights and softer shades to mask gray strands without making hair appear darker. Adding moisture makes hair elastic and shiny, which flatters women regardless of hair length. Older women can also get perms or chemically straighten their strands, which also creates a rejuvenated appearance.