What Are Some Good Hair Style Ideas for Short Hair?


Placing two headbands over the hair in a crisscross pattern, pinning the bangs with bobby pins in a V shape and creating temporary bangs by forming a deep side part are good hairstyle ideas for short hair. Another creative hairstyle is braiding the hair from the back to the front.

A person should sweep her hair across the forehead and keep it in place behind either side of the headband when making temporary bangs. To achieve a V-shaped bobby pin design, an individual can pin her bangs with a single bobby pin, press the open end upward and insert another bobby pin to a downward direction through the first pin's looped edge.

Creating a pompadour involves arranging a small part of the hair from temple to temple and pressing it against the hair's typical part line for a higher lift. The final touch is to use bobby pins in an X pattern to secure the hairstyle. For a natural-looking hair texture, people can blow-dry half the length of their hair and allow it to air dry.

Another recommended hairstyle is to wrap the hair alternately over and under the curling iron's barrel to produce natural curls. Women can also braid their bangs or shorter hair layers and secure the headband braid with bobby pins to keep them away from the face.