What Are Some Good Exercises to Relieve Pain After Knee Surgery?

Good exercises to relieve pain after knee surgery include leg and heel slides, knee bending, thigh squeezes, straight leg lifts and ankle pumps, notes Healthline. Knee or hamstring stretches or lying kicks may alleviate knee pain and inflammation after surgery.

For thigh squeezes, a person should lie flat on the floor while facing upward, move the back of the knee, stay in the position for five minutes then rest, according to Healthline. Ankle pumps are done by lying flat on the back, bending the ankles up and moving the toes toward the person, and then bending the ankles down and directing the toes away from the individual. This improves circulation, which relieves swelling and prevents deep vein thrombosis.

While lying on the back, the patient can slide the affected leg away from the other leg with the kneecap facing up, and then slide the leg back to the initial point, states Healthline. The exercise triggers abductors, including the gluteus medius muscle, which are important for balance. Sliding the foot and hip toward and away from the buttock while lying flat on the back may improve flexion of the knee and hamstring strength.

To do a prolonged knee stretch, the individual should sit on a chair, bend the knee backward, and maintain the position for about 20 seconds, repeating several times daily, explains Healthline. A lying kick is done by lying on the floor with a rolled blanket under the knee, making straight the leg, lowering the leg and then relaxing.