What Are Some Good Exercises for Foot Drop Therapy?


Exercises such as the leg flexes, foot stretches, ball lifts and cycling help foot drop patients gain the strength to walk safely, according to Asera Care Home Health. These exercises are designed so that patients can do them independently or with their physical therapist.

Ball lifts involve trying to pick up a tennis ball with the toes while seated in a chair and then bringing the ball up as high as the patient can. A common goal is three sets of 10 repetitions, with breaks between each set. The leg flex involves sitting on the floor with legs extended out in front, and then lifting the affected leg several inches off the ground. Flexing toes by pointing them toward the abdomen and holding them for several seconds, and then pushing the toes away from the body and holding, completes one repetition. Foot stretches use towels to pull the toes toward the body and hold them in a stretching position, notes Asera Care Home Health.

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