What Are Some Good Clean Jokes for Kids?

One good clean joke for kids asks why a man put his money inside a freezer; the answer to the joke is that he wanted cold hard cash," according to 101Kidz.com. Another joke asks what the porcupine said to the cactus; the answer is "Is that your mommy?" A joke for kids asks what prisoners use to call one another; the answer is "cellphones."

A clean and fun joke for kids asks what kind of milk a pampered cow produces. The answer is "spoiled milk." Another asks why seagulls fly over the sea, with the answer being "Because if they fly over the bay, they'd be bagels." An additional clean joke for kids asks what the judge said when the skunk walked into the courtroom. The answer is "Odor in the court."

A funny Halloween joke for kids asks why skeletons do not fight with one another. The answer is that the skeletons "don't have the guts." A funny joke that features a play on words asks what a pan spinning through space is called. The answer is "an unidentified frying object." Another space-themed joke asks why the astronaut brought paint and paper on his space mission. The answer is that he brought the items so that he "could do space crafts."