What Are Some Good Articles About Management?


Some informative articles about managing a business include "Be the Benevolent Dictator Your Company Deserves" from Entrepreneur.com, "How to Manage a Business Effectively" from BizMove.com and "Four Tips for Organizing and Managing Your Company's Finances" from Forbes.com. SBA.gov and MyNewCompany.com also provide many educational business management articles.

Entrepreneur.com contains numerous business articles that offer tips on how to effectively manage a company. For example, the article "Be the Benevolent Dictator Your Company Deserves" discusses the benefits of firm and decisive leadership along with ways to incorporate a high level of appreciation for employees. Many other articles on the site focus on strategies for an effective leadership style that include best practices for decision making and insight from other notable business managers. The site also provides guides on employee hiring and management.

The article "How to Manage a Business Effectively" on BizMove.com covers many broad topics on how to properly manage a new business, such as common mistakes to avoid. Forbes.com contains similar articles that highlight positive and negative actions of other businesses and discuss how to apply these concepts to managing different aspects of a company. SBA.gov offers multiple articles that cover business management from the inception phase, including how to comply with the appropriate laws throughout the process.

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