What Are Some Games Similar to Minecraft?

“Synthetic World,” “FortressCraft” and “Cubelands” are games similar to “Minecraft.” “Synthetic World” is an open world builder with many shared features of “Minecraft” but has realistic textures and lighting. “FortressCraft” and “Cubelands” both resemble “Minecraft” visually and let players harvest building materials from the natural resources.

“Terraria” is a action role-playing game where players harvest materials and explore open worlds similar to “Minecraft.” It differs from “Minecraft” by being a 2D action game featuring a easy crafting system and non-player controlled team mates. “Infiniminer” is similar to “Minecraft” but differs by having players attempt to collect resources while competing against another team. “Infinimer” is one of the first open world strategy games and an inspiration in creating “Minecraft,” according to Notch.