What Games Are Popular With School Kids?


Chess, Sorry and Bingo are popular traditional board games for school-aged children, according to Education.com. Less traditional games that are popular include Connect Four, Guess Who, Twister and Cadoo.

According to Education.com, which evaluates games for kids as young as preschool-aged, Zingo, which is related to Bingo, and Feed the Kitty, a dice game, are both good board games for early learners. What's Gnu? is a good game for beginning readers, and Password is a team game for more advanced readers. Older kids also enjoy Sudoku, a numbers game a child can play by himself, and Taboo, a team game.

According to Emporia State University's Center for Great Plains Studies, traditional recess games allow teams to absorb each other's losses, so children are never sidelined. Those games are popular because kids can continue to play for the duration of their allotted time. Some examples are Annie Over, also known as Red Rover; Dare Base, also known as Base Runner; and Fox and Geese, also known as Duck Duck Goose.

Full-length games for physical education class that last the duration of the period are also popular, according to PE Games. Cops and Robbers is an example of a game that can last between 45 and 60 minutes. Color Wars is another example, which is similar to dodge ball.