What Are Some Games for Children?


Some video and online games for children include "Make the Cake," "My Little Sproutlet Flyer" and "Barbie Stepdance Superstar." Other games geared towards older children include "Candy Crush Saga" and "Minecraft."

As of 2015, "Make the Cake" is available on PBSKids.org in the Popular Games section. The site also provides other categories of games, such as Math, Science, Nature, Music and Reading.

"My Little Sproutlet Flyer" is available on SproutOnline.com. The site also provides links to videos, coloring pages, and crafts and recipes.

The "Barbie Stepdance Superstar" game is available on Mattel.com, which offers users other games based on certain characters or toys, or in other categories, such as Puzzle, Racing or Dress Up.