What Games Does ABCmouse Have for Kids?


ABCmouse has a wide range of educational games for children ages 2 to 7, covering reading, math, science, arts and colors and music; the subscription portal gives parents the option of setting a customized learning path for children or choosing from a pre-set path made by the company's education experts. The subscription cost is waived for the first 30 days and then customers are charged a monthly fee, as of 2015. Payment details are required when signing up.

After the initial sign up, children are asked to create an icon representing themselves and another for a teacher. Once a learning path is set, students play games, solve puzzles and complete lessons over six levels for points that determine their progression through a field of study while earning credits to buy virtual items.

ABCmouse has hundreds of games as well as interactive books and songs. The games are designed around one of the learning zones located inside the member's area: the classroom, the learning zoo and the farm.

The games are a part of the virtual lesson plans; there are over 350 lessons in which activities, games, music and books are used to keep the students' attention and as practice for the material being taught. The site claims that the games add a new aspect to learning and taps into a student's natural ability to play.