What Are Some Funny Costume Ideas for Halloween?

Dressing up as the floor at a movie theater or as a self-portrait are some funny Halloween costume ideas for older children and adults, while popcorn and old ladies are cute ideas for babies and toddlers. Iconic television or movie duos, such as Laverne and Shirley, Wayne and Garth or Ethel and Lucy are some funny ideas for couples, and amusing group costume ideas include the "Scooby Doo" mystery gang, the "Wizard of Oz" cast and teams of superheroes. Funny Halloween costume ideas are being a ceiling fan, smarty pants or French kiss. These costumes are all pun-based and require little to no previous costume-making experience.

To make a movie theater floor costume, attach popcorn pieces, empty candy wrappers, plastic lids and straws to a black shirt and black pants. Add a similarly decorated black hat to complete the costume. Walk behind a large, empty picture frame for a quick and easy self-portrait costume. Use bunny ears and fake cobwebs to create a humorous dust bunny costume, or write "Go Ceilings" on a t-shirt and pose as a ceiling fan.

Dress a baby as a bag of popcorn by attaching a felt popcorn bag to the outside of a baby carrier. Dress the baby in a white hat topped with popcorn pieces, and dress the parent as a popcorn vendor or popcorn machine. A baby-size parrot costume and an adult pirate costume also make a cute idea for a parent and little one.

The make a ceiling fan costume, take a white shirt and write "Go ceiling!" on it. The shirt can be worn with any other attire, but adding common sport fan attire, such as face paint or foam fingers, enhances this costume.

To be a smarty pants, glue or tape rolls of Smarties onto a pair of pants. Wear thick black-framed glasses or carrying textbooks to enhance the costume.

To be a French kiss, wear French clothing, such as a beret and a black and white striped shirt. Apply face paint to resemble a singer from the band Kiss.