What Are Some Fun Spiderman Games Online?


Four fun Spider-Man games available for play online are "Iron Spider," "Cyber Sabotage," "Ultimate Spider-Man: Monsters Under Midtown," and "Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Cycle." All four of these game are on the Disney XD website in the Ultimate Spider-Man section.

"Iron Spider" is a side-scrolling action adventure flash game starring Spider-Man. The goal is to collect pieces of "Iron Spider" armor and use them to defeat classic Spider-Man villains. "Cyber Sabotage" is a level-based puzzle game where Spider-Man must navigate past obstacles using as little web fluid as possible. "Ultimate Spider-Man: Monsters Under Midtown" is a side-scrolling shooting game that pits Spider-Man against waves of monsters he must web to prevent them from overrunning the city. Spider-Man mounts his custom wall-crawling motorcycle in "Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Cycle" to do battle with his enemies while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups.