Which Fuel Pump Is Right for My Car?


Several auto parts retailers, including Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts, provide online parts finders to help users determine which type of fuel pump is right for their car. Users can find a list of compatible fuel pumps by entering their vehicle’s make model, year and engine type.

OEM fuel pumps are recommended for stock engines because they are designed for easy compatibility, states Meyers Auto Parts. For upgraded or tuned engines, an aftermarket fuel pump provides more consistent pressure and flow for heavy-duty motorsports tasks. Some aftermarket fuel pumps can be manually adjusted, which lets the vehicle owner customize performance.

There are two main types of fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps are attached to the vehicle’s engine by necessity. Electrical fuel pumps are mounted in or by the fuel tank. Electrical pumps are further categorized into gerotor, turbine and roller cell pumps. Most OEM fuel pumps are the turbine type, says Popular Mechanic.

A damaged fuel pump can cause a variety of issues, including hard starting, excessive engine noise, rough idling, poor performance and fuel pressure fluctuations, according to Bosch.com. Replacing a worn fuel pump restores the vehicle’s original system pressure and engine power, helping the vehicle run smoother and start better.