What Are the Forms Required for Notary Acknowledgement?


There are two versions of the form used in notary acknowledgment that show that the notary assures the proof that the person subscribed in an agreement executed his duties with an affirming signature, according to NotarySuccess.com. There is a long and a short version of the form.

The public official who signs the notary acknowledgment is usually a notary public, but the signer can also be a mayor, judge or other type of appropriate public official. The acknowledgement has to be legally part of the original document, which can be included by adding apt language or attaching an addendum, as NotarySuccess.com advises. After the notary or other official completes the form, it has to be sealed. The form must also include the commission number assigned to the official and the expiration date of the license.

Proper notarization is important when dealing with legal agreements, as NotarySuccess.com explains.

Anyone involved in the agreement, including closing agents, attorneys, lenders, public officials and others, has a liability at stake, and an agreement can be nullified if the process is not followed carefully. Because of this, a long version of the acknowledgment form may include information that is not legally necessary but assures the receiver of the form that everything is legally in order. Such information includes professional titles of the signers and facts about professional relationships.

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