What Is the Format for Sources in MLA Style?

For MLA style citations, book source citations should include the author's name with last name first, the book title and publication information. Encyclopedia article citations must include the author's name, the article title in quotations, the encyclopedia name and the date. Magazines and newspaper article citations list the author's name, the article title, the magazine name, the volume number, the date and article pages.

Web source citations should include the author's name, the title of the web page or work, the website name, the editor, electronic publication information and the date the page was accessed. If some of the information is not available, cite the information that can be found. The URL is not required. As of 2014, writers list sources used for an MLA-style paper on a separate page at the end of the paper titled "Works Cited." The title should be centered but not italicized or in quotations. List citations in alphabetical order by the author's last name or by the title if the author is unknown. On the "Works Cited" page, use hanging indentation, which is a .5 inch indent of the second line and subsequent line for every citation. Citations are double spaced, without skipping sources between citations. Beginning in 2009, each citation must include the publication method, such as print, web or film. Use title case capitalization, meaning all first, last and principal words are capitalized. Separate authors, titles and publication information within citations by a period and one space.