How Do You Flat Iron Your Hair?

To flat iron your hair, apply thermal protectant, comb the product through, separate a 1-inch section, pull the iron from the roots to the tips, and repeat with the rest of the hair. This 45-minute procedure requires thermal protectant, a styling comb, a hair clip and a mirror.

  1. Prepare your hair and flat iron

    Plug in the flat iron, and preheat it on its medium-high setting. Comb your hair, apply a generous amount of thermal protectant, and comb the product through your hair. Run the pick end of the comb around the back of your head, creating a horizontal part from ear to ear. Gather the hair in the top half, and clip it to the crown of your head.

  2. Separate the first section

    Use the pick end of the styling comb to separate a 1-inch section from the lower half of your hair. Comb the section, and pull it taut.

  3. Iron the first section

    Clamp the flat iron around the roots, and slowly slide it out to the end of the section. Use your other hand to keep the hair taut as you iron it. Replace the iron at the roots, and iron the section a second time.

  4. Iron the rest of the hair

    Iron the rest of the hair with the same technique. When you finish ironing the bottom portion of your hair, unclip the top half, and flatten it in 1-inch sections.